Karen Lafferty - Discography
Recording is a natural outflow of any music ministry. Karen's ministry in song was first released through Maranatha! Music, California. She also helped with many of the M!M Praise LPs. As she moved to Europe, her involvement expanded to helping produce recordings in other languages, especially a Dutch praise series, "Muzik voor de Koning," released by YWAM. The variety of her music spans from pop/rock to country to hymns to ballads to a fusion of pop and cultural. Proclaiming the truths of God and worship are always at the core of it all.

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Singing My Heart Out - 2008
Worship CD featuring 'Seek Ye First'

Multitudes - The Sound of Many Nations, 2002
MFM Productions (Multi-ethnic styles)

Hymns from the Heart, 1995

MFM Productions Musicianaries Around the World, 1993
MFM Productions (Featuring Karen Lafferty, Bob Fitts, Scott Wesley Brown and Various YWAM artists)

Land of No Goodbyes, 1989

Heart Cry (MFM artists), 1985

Country to Country, 1982
Maranatha! Music

Life Pages, 1980
Maranatha! Music

Sweet Communion, 1978
Maranatha! Music

Bird in a Golden Sky, 1975
Maranatha! Music